The J. Arthur Keenes Band


A cultural shift known as The Glitterati Movement began to gain mainstream attention in the early 21st century. The movement represented a radical change towards self-serving attitudes, ramped materialism, abuse, and the glorification of brutal acts of violence. The revolution began as many do, in an attempt to subvert any and all organizations in power that dictate the way people live their lives. Eventually the world’s companies saw the potential to capitalize on the latest fad as they promoted guns, violence, glamor, and surreal fashion styles. Driven into disconnection from their fellow man, people adopted the next big thing; “Everything”.

Fiendish, inhuman corporations peddled newer and newer must-have technologies, fashions, and attitudes. Product driven tribalism was growing amongst the world’s populace. These corporations took advantage of their customer’s loyalty by promoting violence towards other corporations’ customers in order to wage passive economic wars.

Meanwhile, crowd-sourced technological advances in science and medicine lead to great advancements in the fields of space faring. This crowd-sourced publicly and privately funded space travel would go on to damage the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The practice that was dubbed “Bootstrapping” became more common as the secrets to solar travel were harnessed. And a grand machine was constructed in the northern midwest.

This tower-like machine was constructed in the city of Detroit-Windsor, a seemingly perfect location to place such a device. It was built to subvert the sun’s harmful rays from penetrating the newly vulnerable atmosphere. Built to fire energy directly at the sun, The Sunrod, as it was later called, was installed and constructed on Belle Isle. It served as a symbol of hope for better times not only for the American city of Detroit-Windsor, but the world.

To welcome in the New Year of 2035, The Ball was dropped on The Sunrod. But this time, the New Years Ball was the prismatic crystal needed to focus The Sunrod. At 0:00 on January 1st, 2035, The Sunrod would bring darkness, torrential storms, and an endless sea of clouds in the upper atmosphere of most of the world. The areas not effected by electrically charged ionized cloud-cover were looking at prolonged exposure to types of light energy never before experienced by human flesh.

Our story revolves around those near “The Eye”. Detroit-Windsor.