Mai Justice
Mai is a Detroit native and Ojibwe American. Mai was influenced by The Movement as much as any other normal person, yet she maintained much of the ancient lessons that her mother and grandfather taught her.
Padlock Girl
A foul-mouthed 18 year old British girl that has a fascination with locks. She has somehow found a way to survive the throngs of madmen.
Maggie & Margarine
Maggie & Margarine live together in Vision Corridor, Detroit in the year following The Calamity, 2035. They are inseparable friends and lovers.
Cheiron Law
Some call her the "Baptist Badass". She has traveled to Detroit-Windsor to cleanse the wicked and possessed... that's the rumor anyway.
Jesca Hitomi
Jesca was Autoloid's next rising star. She had it all; a great manager, eager fans and passion. Since The Calamity, she finds herself trapped in a city filled with her fans... all of which are now insane.