Meteo, Inc.
The largest manufacture of footwear in the world. Using cheaply mined materials from space debris, and small ammounts of rubber, they are able to cut the costs of materials. They own a large asteroid in the belt.
Black Label Motors
One of the last remaining motor companies, and operate near the city of Detroit-Windsor.
Caster Firearms Corp.
A huge weapons conglomerate. Adapting tech normally reserved for space faring into consumer grade firearms. Caster products are hard to find on Earth, as the company has moved on.
Autoloid Music
Created by a merger between the world's two largest voice synth companies. A wildly popular tool among pop stars and club musicians.
Tinkture Pharmaceuticals
When a doctor by the name of Lars Avan discovered a way to rapidly regenerate tissue, his fame and fortune spun wildly out of control. Tinkture was formed in order to keep the discovery protected and profitable.